Eiger north face (Stollenloch)

The fascination with the Eiger north face can be found in the stories and dramas that have played out here. Rugged, unapproachable, immense and extremely impressive, with its height of 2,000 meters it is reserved for experienced mountain climbers only. After a daring ascent these lucky individuals get to enjoy a breathtakingly beautiful view of the Grindelwald valley. We pick you up at the arranged meeting point (for instance, Grindelwald Grund train station). We take the train up to Kleinen Scheidegg. From there you get to gaze at the legendary Eiger north face together with the guide. The guide will explain the course of the original route and point out where Stollenloch 3.8 is located.

With the train, you will then reach the Stollenloch 3.8 extra stop. Secured by qualified mountain guides and equipped with helmet and climbing harness, you climb the famous – and infamous – Eiger north face. When the railway was being built, this ‘exit’ was used to dispose excavated rock from the tunnel. Rescue missions for unlucky mountain climbers were already being initiated from this point back in 1936. Let the immense view mesmerise you.
Depending on the conditions, you can even climb a few meters yourself – a unique experience! After a drink to warm you up, with a touch of whiskey at your request, you can take the train further to Jungfraujoch or back into the valley.

Information & location

  • Combination option: Visit Jungfraujoch and experience the glacier and/or indoor tour, sleigh ride in winter, hiking in summer
  • Number of participants: 5 to 15 people / the group can be divided with varied visiting times if the number of participants is higher
  • Duration: half day to full day, depending on the combination programme
  • Cost: Upon request
  • Season: year round
  • Application range: Seminar/conference/workshop social programme, incentive, team event, corporate event
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