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The following information applies to the business activities of Hotel Bodmi GmbH in Grindelwald.


The following information also applies to the webpages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Website operator:

Website operator:

Hotel Bodmi GmbH
Terrassenweg 104
CH-3818 Grindelwald

Tel. +41 33 853 12 20
Fax. +41 33 853 13 53


Responsible for content: Britt Eckelmann, Sascha Hempel


Website creation:

RITTWEGER und TEAM Werbeagentur GmbH
Anger 24
D-99084 Erfurt

Tel.: +49 361 550 560-0



Legal Notice / Disclaimer:

1. Limitation of Liability
The contents of this website have been created with the greatest possible care. However, Hotel Bodmi GmbH does not accept any liability for the correctness, completeness or relevance of the content provided. You may use the contents of this website at your own risk. Any articles with named authors contain the opinions of such individuals and do not necessarily represent the views held by Hotel Bodmi GmbH. The mere use of the website shall not give rise to any contractual relationship between the user and Hotel Bodmi GmbH.

2. External Links
This website contains links to third-party websites (“external links”). Such websites are the responsibility of their respective operators. When the external links were first created, Hotel Bodmi GmbH checked the third-party content for any legal violations. No legal violations were apparent at the time. However, Hotel Bodmi GmbH has no control whatsoever over the current or future design and content of such linked pages. By placing external links on the website, Hotel Bodmi GmbH is not claiming any cited or linked content as its own. Hotel Bodmi GmbH cannot be expected to constantly monitor such external links without concrete evidence of legal violations. If we become aware of legal violations, however, we will immediately delete any such links.

3. Copyright and Related Rights
The content published on this website is subject to German law on copyright and related rights. Any use that is not permitted by German law on copyright and related rights requires the prior written consent of Hotel Bodmi GmbH or the respective owner. This particularly applies to the reproduction, editing, translation, saving, processing or distribution of content in databases or other electronic media and systems. Third-party content and rights are marked as such. The unauthorised reproduction or distribution of specific content or entire pages is not permitted and punishable by law. Only the production of copies and downloads for personal, private and non-commercial use is permitted. This website may only be presented in external frames with our written permission.

4. Brand Information
Any titles, covers, albums, artists and other names shown as part of screenshots, demonstration videos or animations are the copyright of their respective owners and may contain the (registered) trademarks of their respective owners or other property belonging to their respective owners.

Any brands, products, product names, logos, services, companies or publications contained in texts or images are only used to identify products or services and may be the registered brands, trademarks or other property of their respective owners.

GOOGLE is a trademark of Google Inc.

5. Special Terms of Use
If any special terms of use apply to certain features of this website that deviate from the terms stipulated in Sections 1 to 4 above, explicit reference to such special terms will be made in the appropriate place. The special terms of use shall then apply in such cases.

6. Online Dispute Resolution
An online dispute resolution platform is provided by the European Commission here:
In the event of legal relations with a “consumer”, as defined in Section 13 of the German Civil Code (BGB), we hereby make the following declaration: We shall endeavour to revolve any disagreements arising from our contractual relationship by mutual agreement. We are willing to hold conciliation proceedings before the consumer conciliation body of Zentrum für Schlichtung e.V. The following data will be shared with the consumer conciliation body:

Straßburger Straße 8, D-77694 Kehl
Tel.: +49 7851 79579
Fax: +49 7851 79579 41

This conciliation body is a “general consumer conciliation body”, as described in the second sentence of Section 4 (2) of the German Act on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Consumer Matters (VSBG). The conciliation proceedings are free of charge for customers, unless the platform is abused. The statute of limitations for any claims shall be excluded for the duration of the proceedings. If no agreement can be reached in such proceedings, the parties may seek legal recourse.

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